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The founding fathers of Mascolori, Raymond Landegent and Jochem Grund, bumped into each other for the first time as they jumped around to the music at Balkan Beats. After being snuck backstage, a great evening turned very special as they drank Eastern European drinks with the artists.

As conversation flowed they found out that they both had a knack for getting lost in unknown places, well-intentioned social experiments and last, but not least, eccentric shoes. Later, during a holiday in Madrid, the glitter shoes they saw on the streets inspired them. After trying on the shoes themselves they felt the artist within them. The same artist that is in many men around the world has found. You don’t have to be Stromae, Manu Chao or Jimmy Hendriks, to be admired.

What is wrong with the less immoral artistic personality, someone who loves to stand on stage and be admired? Nothing at all. In fact, this is a trait that every man should have whether he is standing on stage, at work or even walking down the street. Right there in the streets of Madrid, the Mascolori concept was born.

Three years later, the shoe brand for those who define their own fashion, performers and the artists who are three steps ahead of the rest continues on. Mascolori has expanded to organize its own festivals, because we know that the atmosphere is good when the music sounds nice and the alcohol flows freely. This all leads us to the here and now, what started as a glittery shoe is now on its way to be a true lifestyle.