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Mascolori Story

Mascolori is there for the men who create, who see things different and above all are different. Mascolori, was founded in 2011 in Rotterdam and is established from a passion to explore and to awe. It is our goal to excite our suroundings not only by the way we look but also with our personality and our acts. 

There is no doubt about it that you will amaze and awe with Mascolori. A good look will be great with the right shoes, and we think that the right shoes are the ones who will give a hint to your personality but still in a stylish way. Things will get interesting when you take it a step further than your everyday life and that is something that a true mascolorist will understand. It's a form of spirit and strenght to bewalk new paths, to experiment and to overall explore new things. 

The entire collection of Mascolori is designed in Rotterdam and is produced in Portugal. These shoes are made with a lot of dedication and craftsmanship, every shoe is made by hand and are only limited available since they are made in batches of maximum 75 pairs. The reason we make our shoes here is because these people care about their works of art as much as you do. And we can ensure you that you will receive a top quality shoe. 

Jochem Grund, founder